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It’s Summer in Cody/Yellowstone Country!

Shoreline, water and mountainsThe first day of summer is quickly approaching and I am ready. Longer days and warm temperatures are welcomed as we say goodbye to the Wyoming cold and wind. This winter seemed to be more windy making me all the more excited for summer. It is invigorating to get outside during the summer months in Cody/Yellowstone Country and explore.  I am always ready for some summertime adventure!


Horseback riding is a great way to experience Buffalo Bill’s personal playground. There are stables just outside of town offering rides that overlookhorseback riders on a trail following a creek with mountains in the background town. If you want a little more adventure, mosey down the road towards Yellowstone where there are several guest ranches that offer day rides into the Absaroka Mountains. Be prepared to enjoy Wyoming wildflowers, beautiful mountain vistas and possibly wildlife. If you are really feeling adventurous, stay at one of the ranches and ride every day! There is an old cowboy saying that “everything looks better from the back of a horse.” Experience it for yourself.


man fly fishing in a riverThe Shoshone River begins in Yellowstone and runs right through Cody. Every section of the river offers great fishing. The North Fork of the Shoshone is incredibly scenic with great walk and wade fishing. The North Fork dumps into the waters of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir just outside of town. Fish from the shore or get out on a boat. In town, you can fish on your own or contact one of the fly shops in town for a float trip. The more adventurous might want to hire a guide and fish some of the high mountain waters. No matter what you chose, it will be great fun!


A “cool” way to experience Cody Country is a river rafting trip. These trips are great for the whole family. Hit all the major rapids and some tranquil People in a raft on white waterpools on the Shoshone River with a 2-3 hour trip. If you are feeling more adventurous, take a half day trip on the North Fork of the Shoshone. These trips offer great wildlife viewing like bighorn sheep on the cliffs, moose grazing along the river’s edge and maybe an eagle soaring above. There are several rafting companies in Cody that will provide a great experience and equipment.


Man and woman hiking on rocky terrain with wildflowersI love to experience the area’s natural beauty by getting out and hiking. The opportunities are endless in Cody/Yellowstone Country. Yellowstone offers about 1,000 miles of trails with a variety of terrain. Park rangers are happy to assist with planning your hike. Be prepared for changing weather conditions as well as wildlife encounters. Bear spray is a must in Cody/Yellowstone Country! Trails abound throughout our region. Sunlight Sports in Cody offers outdoor concierge services. They can help you plan and outfit your hike.


These are just a few of the outdoor adventure opportunities in the area. It is not hard to plan a weekend or week long adventure in Cody/YellowstoneCassie's restarant sign with grass and trees Country. Don’t forget that Cody has great restaurants and evening entertainment in the summer months too!  Plan an adventure getaway this summer.


Until next time, I’ll be lovin’ adventure in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country,


Cartoon character of a cowgirl with braidsCorrie N. Cody




Memorial Day Weekend in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country

Memorial Day weekend signals the kick off to summer in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country! The area comes alive with the opening of roads, area attractions and summer time events.  It is a great time to visit because the temperatures are very comfortable and it is not too busy yet.  Here are my recommendations for the long weekend trip to Cody/Yellowstone Country.


The Buffalo Bill Center of the West should always be on the list of “must dos” when visiting Cody.  This world class facility has five western museums under one roof! The various museums feature Yellowstone’s natural history, Buffalo Bill, Plains Front of building with wolf sculptureIndian arts and culture, western art and a renown firearms museum.  The Buffalo Bill museum had been recently redesigned and is reopening on May 19th. The Center has its own eatery and coffee bar so you can spend all day exploring!


Photo fo singer sitting playing the guitarThere is a little extra going on Memorial Weekend this year.  The Cody Wild West Show Concert series presents Grammy-award winning singer, Kathy Mattea, on Saturday, May 26th.  Kathy will be performing hits like “18 Wheels and A Dozen Roses,” “Where Have You Been” in addition to new songs from her upcoming album.  Kathy, along with her band, will perform concerts at 5:00 and 8:00 p.m in the Wynona Thompson Auditorium.  Contact the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce at 800-393-2639 for ticket and lodging package information.


Plan another evening of music with Dan Miller’s Cowboy Music Revue in downtown Cody.  This award- winning variety show features Americana, bluegrass, songs of the American West and cowboy poetry.  Located in Western singers  playing guitarsthe historic Cody Theatre, this Branson-style show is great for the entire family. The theatre is across the street from Buffalo Bill’s Irma Hotel and offers a Dinner and Show package. The Irma is famous for their prime rib buffet that you won’t want to miss either!


view of old buildings and wagonsOld Trail Town and Museum of the Old West are located on the original town site of Cody City.  The town is a collection of 26 area frontier buildings. Thousands of artifacts are displayed throughout the buildings. A small cemetery contains the gravesite of Jeremiah Johnson and other notorious characters of the area.  My favorite building is the saloon.  It is a quaint building with red wallpaper and bullet holes in the walls. Hollywood depicts western saloons as large halls full of people when in reality most saloons were quite small.


You might not realize there is a wild horse herd that roams on BLM land just outside of Cody. Take a 2 ½ hour tour with Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tours and get up close to the horses. Your guide will share the history horses grazing with mountains in the backgroundand information about the behavior of wild horses.  You may also see pronghorn antelope, golden eagles, coyotes and black-tailed prairie dogs.


replica derricks and smokestackLocated between the towns of Cody and Powell, Heart Mountain Interpretive Center is the historical site where 14,000 Japanese Americans were confined during World War II. The relocation center was open from August 1942 to November 10, 1945 and at one point was the third largest city in Wyoming.  The Center shares the experiences of the internees through a museum, exhibits and a walking trail. The Center preserves a very important part of American history.


Complete your weekend with a trip into Yellowstone!  All roads within the Park will be open by Memorial Day weekend and it should not be too busy. Wildlife viewing is good as many animals are still hanging out in theFemaile bison walking along a river with a bison calf lower areas because of snow and temperatures in the high country. It is also a great time to get a glimpse of bear cubs, bison calves, and many other animal babies. I like visiting early in the season because everything is so green and the wildflowers are popping up all over.


There are lots of things to do in Cody/Yellowstone Country over Memorial Day weekend. Take in all of my recommendations or just a few on this visit. Whatever you decide, you won’t be disappointed!


Cartoon cowgirlUntil next time, I’ll be lovin’ the beginning of summer here in Cody/Yellowstone Country!


Spring Travel to Cody/Yellowstone Country

As I sit here writing this afternoon, the hope of spring is in the air. It is a beautiful, sunny day with just a touch of wind and a temperature of 54 degrees. It is just a tease because we have a 50% chance of snow tomorrow! The unexpected is typical for March’s weather as winter comes to a close. With spring around the corner, I can’t help but think about weekend get-a-ways and spring break trips. My family loves to take a trip over spring break before it gets too hot.

flowers, trees, mountainsThere is something to be said for traveling in the “off-season.”  No crowds, travel deals and experiencing a destination as it wakes up from winter!  We often try to take a major vacation in the spring. I loved being able to take my kids to an attraction and they could get up close and personal without fighting throngs of people. My kids have the same great vacation memories, it was just cooler. We have also returned to many destinations during the peak season because we went in the off season.

Before our family moved to Cody, we visited in January and in April. Many Street sidewalk with people and shopsof the “major” attractions were not open but there was plenty to do and see. I remember how friendly the shop keepers were. All asked where we were from and what brought us to Cody. As a traveler, I love visiting with the local’s. You can often learn a lot more about the area and find hidden treasures! There are also great sales going on in Cody in the Spring as merchants prepare for the summer season.

Front of Buffalo Bill Historical CenterThe Buffalo Bill Historical Center is a major highlight in Cody and is open year round. The five museums within the center offer everything from a western art gallery, a Plains Indian section, the Bill Cody museum, a Yellowstone ecosystem section and the largest firearms collection in the country. You can easily spend a full day at the Center exploring each of these museums. The Draper Museum is my kid’s favorite part of the center! There are lots of hands-on exhibits on the animals of Yellowstone.

Cody is home to Sleeping Giant Ski Area.  Located in the Northfork area Snowboarderoutside of Cody, you will be amazed at the scenic views as you ski your way down the mountain. In addition to the main runs, the area offers a great terrain park as well as the bunny hill with a Magic Carpet. The ski area’s lessons, equipment and lift tickets are very well priced.  Sleeping Giant is open through Easter.

barricks with American flagHeart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center is located just outside of Cody and is open Wednesday to Saturday. The Center is an important site of American history where 14,000 Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII. The Center houses exhibits and artifacts that capture a sense of life for the internees.  The Center is a great place for all ages to experience a part of history that they may not have learned in school. It is definitely a must-see.

If you have not experienced springtime in the mountains, it should be onBison your “bucket list!” I love watching the mountains come to life with vibrant colors. Spring also means wildlife and babies! There is nothing cuter than a newborn bison! The East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park opens on May 4th and there are usually a lot of newborn bison roaming in the herds. We always go into the Park on that weekend. It is cool and crisp and amazing wildlife viewing. We have definitely seen the most wildlife on our May trips. We pack a picnic lunch and make sure to hit Old Faithful, the Upper Geyser Basin and the Hayden Valley. It is beautiful! There are only a few lodging options that are open in May but they have great deals.

Think spring and make plans to visit Cody/Yellowstone Country!

Until next time, I’ll be lovin’ life in Buffalo Bill’s Country!

 Corrie N. CodyCartoon Cowgirl


Corrie N. Cody’s Top 11 list of best places to view wildlife in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country

The number of animals in this region is just phenomenal.  Coming from the Midwest, I grew up watching deer and squirrels.  That’s about it.  But here in Buffalo Bill’s country, the different varieties of animals to view are just astounding!  So I decided to put together my Top 11 list of places to watch for many of these amazing creatures.

1.  Elk – the Sunlight Basin northwest of Cody is a popular place for herds of elk to gather.  Drive north of Cody on Highway 120, go about 16 miles, then turn west onto the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway.  The Sunlight Basin road will take you past some beautiful ranches and into the valley where the elk feed.  It’s a gorgeous drive, and the opportunity to view these animals in their natural habitat is worth going the distance!

2.  Bison – without a doubt, Yellowstone National Park is THE place to get your fill of these wild and wooly critters.  They literally own the roads in Yellowstone – anyone who’s been there recently will be able to tell you that the bison traffic jams rival any big city traffic snarls… but there’s a heck of a lot less road rage here!

3.  Big Horn Sheep – the highway that follows the South Fork of the Shoshone River leads to a beautiful mountain valley that is home to herds of big horn sheep.  In the fall, the sheep are feeding in the low country before the hard winter kicks in, and in the spring, the sheep babies can be found frolicking on the ranchland in the valley.

4.  Mountain Goats – Clark’s Fork Canyon just northwest of Cody on Highway 120 is one of the few places in this region where you can spot these elusive rock dwellers.  I haven’t figured out how they can actually climb from one precipitous rock face to another – they’re incredible!

5.  Moose – east of Cody across the Big Horn Basin are the awesome Big Horn Mountains, home to black bear, deer, and the massive moose!  Highway 14A, from Lovell across to Sheridan, is a great place to spot these enormous creatures.  They’ve also been frequently seen in the Wood River Valley southwest of Meeteetse.

6.  Wild Horses – two wild mustang herds call Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country home: the McCullough Peaks area just east of Cody in the Big Horn Basin; and the Pryor Mountains northeast of the Big Horn Basin.  The Pryor Mountain Mustang Center is an educational center dedicated to preserving the legacy of these beautiful wild animals.

7.  Wolves – the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park is prime viewing for all sorts of animals, but it’s one of the best bets for spotting wolves.  The wolf population is thriving in Yellowstone after the animal’s re-introduction in the 1990s. The Lamar Valley is in the northeast corner of Yellowstone Park, between Mammoth Hot Springs and Cooke City, Montana.

8.  Mule Deer – believe it or not, if you’re looking to get up close and personal with a mule deer, go no farther than downtown Cody!  Dozens of deer roam around the community – and it’s either a curse or a blessing, depending on who you talk to… they love to munch in residents’ gardens!

9.  Bears – as you travel closer to Yellowstone National Park on Highway 14-16-20, the odds of seeing a grizzly or black bear grow greater!  Bear are regularly seen on the stretch of highway from about ten miles outside Yellow stone until the entrance to the Park, so keep your camera at the ready, but don’t get too close!  Remember, bears are dangerous creatures that move faster than you think they can…

10.  Antelope – … although pronghorns are actually the fastest land animals in North America.  But here in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country, they’re pretty content to move a little slower and graze in the lush grass of the Wapiti Valley about 20 miles west of Cody on the Yellowstone Highway.

11.  Waterfowl – Beck Lake and Alkali Lake on the east side of Cody aren’t just beautiful City parks; they’re also prime waterfowl habitat.  There’s a viewing area that was constructed a few years back by a local service organization that provides a fantastic place to sit and watch the ducks, geese, loons and other birds that use these lakes as a resting point along their migration routes.

There you are – Corrie N. Cody’s Top 11 list of the best wildlife watching places in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country!  Next time you plan a trip this direction, take this list along to build your itinerary… and don’t forget your camera!

Until next time, I’ll be watching the wildlife in Buffalo Bill’s Country!

Corrie N. Cody


Horses – How the West is FUN!

I love horses!  They’re beautiful, majestic, amazing animals whose relationship with human beings spans centuries.  And when it comes to the “western experience”, horses just come with the territory!  Think about it -  in every western movie, western-themed logo or promotion, horses feature prominently.  As it should be!  After all, how would the first tourists have travelled to Yellowstone National Park, if not by horse-drawn stagecoaches?   Think of the influence the presence of our equine friends have held on our western heritage here in Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country – and how much of a presence they still are for those who come to visit!

Obviously, Cody IS Rodeo, and there would be NO rodeo without horses!  They feature in every aspect of the evening’s entertainment – barrel racing, team roping, saddle bronc riding, you name it, horses are the main attraction.  Even in bull riding, the cowboys are watched over and rescued by the faithful outriders on their trusty steeds.  And the Cody Nite Rodeo runs from June 1 through the end of August, so there’s no reason at all to miss the action when you come to visit next summer!

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the western experience, most of the guest and dude ranches between Cody and Yellowstone Park feature guided horseback rides as an integral part of their guests’ adventure.  From rides lasting a couple of hours to trips that take you deep into the mountains, guest ranch hosts will tailor your stay to fit your level of comfort and experience with horses.

Closer to town, Cedar Mountain Trail Rides operate in two locations – at the KOA Campground east of Cody and at the base of Cedar Mountain, just past the rodeo grounds.  June through September, your entire family can spend a morning or an afternoon seeing Cody Country from a whole new perspective!  With a stable full of horses, most of them gentle enough for children to ride, your visit to Cody/ Yellowstone Country can include a fabulous western experience your family will talk about for years to come!

But here in Buffalo Bill’s corner of the world, the horses aren’t all broke to ride – there are two herds of wild mustangs that live nearby and can be viewed from the comfort of your vehicle.  The Pryor Mountain mustangs are descended from Spanish horses that were brought here by explorers of the New World; and the McCullough Peaks herd roam freely on protected land in the Big Horn Basin between Cody and Greybull.  The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center near Lovell is the premiere information repository on these amazing animals; and for an unforgettable guided tour of the McCullough Peaks Herd Management area, check out the Red Canyon Wild Mustang tours, based in downtown Cody.

If you love horses, Buffalo Bill’s Cody/Yellowstone Country is THE place to spend your next vacation!  Come take a ride on the WILD side…

Until next time, I’ll be lovin’ life in Buffalo Bill’s Country!

Corrie N. Cody

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